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Explore comprehensive analyses of your creatives, get proof of impact, and gain valuable knowledge on what to try out in your next campaign. Find it all out in the science-based Behavio platform.

Features for researchers

Drive your choices with science

Major decisions shouldn’t rely solely on people’s opinions. That is why the Behavio platform draws upon non-declarative behavioral research and randomized controlled trials. Only with science-based data can you make consistent and well-informed decisions on which creative concepts or ads to pursue.

Behavio provides users with comprehensive results based on robust and representative samples of desired audiences.
The platform Behavio can test and evaluate different forms of ads – concepts, videos, storyboards and many more.

Right creative for your target group

Reach outside your bubble, see how people with particular sociodemographic and lifestyle characteristics react to your campaign. With the Behavio platform, you can do it quickly while still relying on real-life data.

Inspirational Brand Asset Cards offer numerous real examples of brand codes for users to take advantage of in their own campaigns

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Take inspiration from numerous real examples of brand codes

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Detailed insights with ease

Complex information can be straightforward. Get over 50 slides full of insights with detailed metrics about your message delivery, branding or ability to build-up emotion and attention. All while still being able to amaze your colleagues with readymade, clear and visually elegant slides.

Among other things, Behavio offers you a comprehensive view of how your brand messaging performs.
See the impact of your ads compared to competing brands and use insights to boost your performance

Save your money

Testing your ads before their launch and evaluating their performance in the Behavio platform can save you a lot of research money. By doing this with multiple campaigns, you can spend your advertising budget efficiently every single time.

Large audiences, zero delays

When you are launching a new campaign, there is no time to spare. With the Behavio platform, there is no need to delay your ad production. Test results are available in under five days with an audience of five hundred to thousands of respondents.

In Behavio, detailed test results are available in under five days.

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