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Validate your creative ideas, lower advertising costs and create impactful ads that cut through the noise. Make it all happen in Behavio platform.
Features for marketers

Start off strong – every single time

Ever been faced with the daunting task of picking out an ad creative that might perform the best with your audience? Or how about deciding which creative idea to pursue? The Behavio platform allows you to test out everything quickly and with a real audience, before making the final decision. Finding the best ad has never been so easy.
Behavio, the insight platform for creative advertising, allows you to see how much of an impact your ads have in comprehensive graphs and through scoring.

Finetune your way to a larger impact

Take a hyper-detailed look at what hinders and boosts your video’s performance. The Behavio platform provides you with a second-by-second analysis of your ad’s editing, length, voice-over, brand cues, and much more – practical optimization tips included. ​​Fine-tuning has never been so smooth.

Inspirational Brand Asset Cards offer numerous real examples of brand codes for users to take advantage of in their own campaigns

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Take inspiration from numerous real examples of brand codes

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Optimize on the go for effective spending

Behavio platform helps you manage your campaign even when it’s on-air. Evaluate its performance and decide whether to continue with your target audiencetry a different one to prevent emotional wear out or adjust your media spending to achieve the highest performance possible.

Save your money

Testing your ads before their launch and evaluating their performance in the Behavio platform can save you a lot of research money. By doing this with multiple campaigns, you can spend your advertising budget efficiently every single time.

Large audiences, zero delays

When you are launching a new campaign, there is no time to spare. With the Behavio platform, there is no need to delay your ad production. Test results are available in under five days with an audience of five hundred to thousands of respondents.

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