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The Power of Brand Codes

Maximize growth with distinctive brand assets

Our online event is for all marketers, brand managers, strategists, and creative professionals – anyone interested in creating advertising with a significant long-term impact on sales and growth.

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Free online EVENT (45 minutes)

The Power of Brand Codes

What will you learn?

The neuroscience of brand codes

95% of our decision-making happens in our subconscious. Brand codes play a key role in these decisions. Why?

Beyond your logo

Can anything be a brand code? Get inspiration from over 40 types of visual, auditory, and other sensory examples.

Choosing brand codes

Master techniques to find the right set of codes for your brand. Spoiler alert: don’t choose what you like.

Building, measuring, managing

Find out how to build and maintain solid codes. Stay fresh in the era of de-branding without losing your distinctiveness.

Brand codes in ads

Uncover the technique of playful repetition to unlock an exceptional sales effect of your advertising.

Brand codes for all: big or small

What should small brands focus on? How can big brands use their codes to enter new buying situations or categories?

Uncover the latest findings from neuroscience and marketing and boost your advertising performance. Register for our event today.

Event details

March 9, 2023
What time?
10 AM PST / 1 PM EST  (45 minutes)
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Every registered attendee will also receive a recording of the event after it ends.

The event will feature also a live Q&A with the speaker.

All attendees will:

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Jiri Boudal, Managing Director & Co-founder

Jiri has successfully developed and consulted on hundreds of research projects in the areas of brands, advertising campaigns, and public opinion. He also delivers lectures and training for global brands such as Red Bull and Erste Bank Group.

A stack of free Brand Assets cards for every workshop attendee

Brand Assets Inspiration Cards FREE for every participant

Event attendees will receive the full deck of our popular Brand Assets Inspiration Cards in PDF.

You can use them to:

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