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🇺🇸 American Ads Exposed

The US Secrets to Successful Commercials

Get learnings from recent top US brand campaigns, decoded by subconscious behavioral analytics.
Which ad creatives have generated the biggest long-term sales? Why?

Join our streaming to:

  • Peek under the hood of recent US commercials by McDonald’s, United Airlines, Febreze, Johnnie Walker, and others. Detailed sec-by-sec behavioral analytics were made available for free for this event.
  • Avoid 5 five most costly mistakes in ad creatives.
    See how an ad’s impact lowers if you get this wrong.
    1. Delayed Branding
      People can’t tell the brand in the first seconds of the ad.  
    2. Multiple messages
      Having more than one message in one creative.
    3.  … + 3 more.

What else you'll learn:

Behavio’s event served as a great inspiration for how to help our clients’ brands grow.

Jiri Jon

Senior Strategic Planner

Jaroslav Malina

Chief Digital Officer

It’s great to see behavioural science applied so practically to brand building and campaign improvement.

Event details

🇺🇸 American Ads Exposed

When? Thursday Jun 8, 2023
What time? 10 AM PST / 1 PM EST  (45 minutes)
Where? online (link available after registration)

  • Every registered attendee will receive a recording of the event.
  • The event will feature also a live unlimited Q&A.

Connect with the speaker

Jiri Boudal, Managing Director & Co-founder

Jiri has successfully developed and consulted on hundreds of research projects in the areas of brands, ad testing, advertising campaigns, and public opinion. 

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