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Make mind-winning ads with 4 easy steps

Get insights to boost your advertising performance at any stage of your creative process.

1. Upload your creative content

Upload ideas and ads at any stage of the creative process – pretest concepts, storyboards, animatics, drafts and videos. 

The platform Behavio can test and evaluate different forms of ads – concepts, videos, storyboards and many more.
Behavio provides users with comprehensive results based on robust and representative samples of desired audiences.

2. Test with real science within days

Get feedback from real people – a robust and representative sample of your target audience. We use nondeclarative behavioral research and randomized controlled trials (RCTs) to map subconscious changes in viewers’ brains.

3. Get your insights and detailed metrics

Useful insights from dozens of detailed metrics – about your message delivery, branding, or ability to build up emotion and attention. Many are analyzed second-by-second in your video.
See how well your campaign performs, compare it to your competition and get detailed insights on what to do next.
See the impact of your ads compared to competing brands and use insights to boost your performance

4. Act and boost your performance

Buy media for your best creatives. Polish your scripts. Choose the right scenes. Finetune editing, voice-overs and pack-shots. Add missing brand cues. Shorten to save on media.

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