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Features & Benefits

Second-by-second video analysis

Emotional response, brand recall, message delivery – all key performance drivers are analyzed second-by-second. Know your top and spare moments. Know what to highlight.

Not sure about your creative?

Behavio, the insight platform for creative advertising, allows uses to upload their ads, campaigns or ideas and test how well they perform with real life audiences.
See how well your campaign performs, compare it to your competition and get detailed insights on what to do next.

Detailed and practical insights

We analyze dozens of metrics and detect every possible gap that could constrain your performance. For example: Is your brand strongly present at the ad’s emotional peak?

Not sure what to improve?

Online dashboard & downloadable slides

Quickly find key findings in the online dashboard or dive into the full 40-slide story that walks you through the data and explains important modern metrics using science-behind slides.

Want to save time and nerves?

See detailed metrics on how well has your campaign performed and share information in easy-to-use slide format.

Comprehensive key insights for every project

Every analysis includes a short and straight-to-the-point comment from one of our experts.

Short on time?

How to map memory paths?
Try it yourself!

We use non-declarative behavioral research in our own mobile app to map the subtle changes that your ad causes in your audience’s memory. Each respondent is given a unique, randomly selected set of associations or video segments.

Other features

Test results
in under 5 days

Don’t delay your ad production

Robust and representative samples

500+ for pretests, 1 000+ for posttest


Consult results with marketing-science professionals


Benchmark your creative against recent advertising noise


Get real-life emotional reactions, cut through the noise


Be sure your ad is sufficiently branded


Link your brand to key customer needs & buying situations


No respondent’s opinions. Concepts are shown to different groups


See how much your ad lifted the salience of your brand

Export to

Download a comprehensive copy of your report and share it with others

Key insights
from experts

Discover expert report summaries  from our sociologists

Word clouds
of emotions

Find out what your audience was thinking in different parts of the ad

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visit the app from your desktop.