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NEW: Behavio Pricing for 2023 Revealed

Creative ad testing with Behavio is robust and now more affordable than ever

Creative ad testing is now more affordable than ever!

Thanks to automating much of our research, we have reduced testing costs to a minimum. That is why we are excited to announce our new yearly Starter Plan, where you can pre-test your ideas, concepts, and ad campaigns for 2 000 USD/EUR each.

A creative pre-test includes:

  • A robust 500+ sample
  • Results in under five days
  • Test creative concepts, key visuals, videos, etc.
  • Second-by-second analysis
    • Emotional diagnostics
    • Brand and message recall
  • A/B testing
  • Simple & comprehensive dashboard


Want to know more about what’s included? Book a demo with us!

For details about testing on the Czech market, check out our website! (CZ only)



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